Trouble logging-in ?

If you are having trouble logging in, you may be entering incorrect Login-ID/ Password. It is also possible that your Login-ID is disabled. After three unsuccessful attempts your Login-ID is disabled to protect your account. BCB Netbanking works best on Internet Explorer (IE) Version 8.0 in the screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels. To solve browser related issues in IE, you may try using a different browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and solutions which may help you in loggin in to BharatBank NetBanking:

  • BCB NetBanking shows the error message "Page cannot be displayed". But I am able to access other sites.

    Your browser version is Internet Explorer 7.0 or below. Latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox would not show this error. The NetBanking server may be down for maintenance etc. Try after sometime or call us to confirm the downtime.

  • I have later versions of Internet Explorer and Chrome. I still get the "Page cannot be displayed" error when I try to access BCB NetBanking.

    Enable the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in your browser.To learn how to enable the JVM in your browser please visit this link :>

  • BCB NetBanking shows the error message "The operation timed out".

    Please login again as the predifined time set for your session has ended due to inactivity or delay in fetching data.

  • BCB Netbanking shows the error message "Invalid Username or Password"

    You have entered incorrect Login ID. Please note that Login ID is NOT case-sensitive.

  • BCB Netbanking shows the error message "You have made 1 unsuccessful attempt(s). The maximum retry attempts allowed for this access mode are 3. If 3 is exceeded, then you will be disabled to use this access mode".

    You have entered your Password incorrectly.Password is case-sensitive. Use UPPER-CASE or lower-case alphabets as they are. Also enter the special characters or the 'symbols' in the password. e.g. The symbols # ! % ) ( ^ are a part of the password sent to you.

  • BCB Netbanking shows the error message "Enter the characters that you see in the picture or hear in the audio".

    You have either incorrectly entered the CAPTCHA or not entered it at all. Please enter the correct CAPTCHA.

  • What is a CAPTCHA?

    It is an image showing few alphabets and numbers in red colour, shown below the login-password area. You may change the CAPTCHA if it is not clear or ambiguous, using the refresh button next to it.


If you still have trouble logging in please call us on 022-6189 0062 / 022-6189 0062 / 022-6189 0063